[LINE FINANCIAL] FDS(Fraud Detection System) and RM(Risk Management) Officer


전세계 수억 명이 일상에서 누릴 모바일 금융의 모든 것을 새롭게 하고, 

전세계 우수 인재들과 함께 아시아 대표 금융 플랫폼을 만드는 도전을 하고 싶다면,

LINE이 바로 여러분을 위한 곳입니다.

뱅크 뿐 아니라 결제, 송금, 가상화폐 및 거래소, 투자, 보험, Robo-Advisor에 이르기까지

스마트한 금융 그 이상의 혁신으로 편리한 세상을 함께 만들어 가실 분,

더 넓은 세상에서 더 크게 성장하고 싶으신 분이라면 지금 바로 조인하세요!

[Job Responsibilities]

- Design, implement and operate FDS (Fraud Detection System) 

- Define and improve rules to detect fraudulent/suspicious activities in LINE financial services 

- Monitor and respond to AML, fraudulent, and/or suspicious activities 

- Cooperate with relevant teams such as compliance and legal teams, regarding AML/CFT regulations in jurisdictions where LINE financial services are provided 

- Respond to audit requests and investigations by authorities 

- Establish internal policies for risk management

[Minimum Qualifications]

- Bachelor’s Degree required 

- Minimum three (3) years' experience in risk management 

- Experience in designing and operating FDS 

- Knowledge of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CFT (Countering the Financing of Terrorism) regulations in Asia (i.e. Singapore, Hong Kong and etc.), EU, and/or the US 

- A commercial approach, including the ability to balance Compliance and business goals in an appropriate manner 

- Ability to work independently with strong time management and coordination skills 

- Excellent communication skills across all levels of internal and external stakeholders 

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills 

- Fluent English

[Preferred Qualifications]

- Experience in managing risk management in financial institutions preferred 

- Ability to speak multi languages (especially Korean) preferred (for foreign candidates) 

- Willing to relocate to Korea (for foreign candidates) 


- Full time


- Korea


- Bundang-gu


- 15th Jun 2018, 23:59 (as we expect a large volume of applications at the last minute, please submit your application three hours ahead of the deadline.)